THE Oversize-Putter
No more panic on short putts!

The Straighter Putter Oversize Putter models weigh about twice as much as a regular putter. The higher weight will give you two major advantages:

1. A more pendulum-like putting stroke
2. Less chances for twisting the putter during the putting stroke

The result: Straighter Putts, ending up, where they belong! Right in the hole!
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Heavy. To make it easy.

The extremly wide putter head weighs more than 600 grams. Due to the pendulum effect, caused by the higher weight, you will be able to putt with more consistency, accuracy and confidence on the green.

Better consistency

The pendulum effect will produce a higher consistency on both, direction and speed control.

Better accuracy

The wide putterface will enable you to align more accurately.

Aim it. Hole it.

You will find three lines on any Straighter Putter, helping and guiding you to a better alignment towards the aiming line.

The lines support the visualisation of the putting direction and give you more confidence and consistency for your direction.

Two options, one price

You can get two Straighter Putter models: The CW-14 with a classic blade shape and the ST-16 with a mallet shape. Both models differ mainly in their optical appearance. The touch is pretty much the same, the price of 299.- € is identic.

Blade-Putter CW-14

The CW-14 with its classic blade shape and white painting.
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Mallet-Putter ST-16

The ST-16 weighs slightly more and features a prolonged aiming line to support your alignment.
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You will receive your Straighter Putter – The Oversize Putter up to 36 inches long. Our Putters come with an oversize grip, either 2.0 or 3.0. Grip colors can be chosen from red/white and green/white. If we do not receive your specific grip details we will deliver your Straighter Putter – THE Oversize Putter with a green/white 3.0 grip.

Price incl. tax: 299.- EUR (shipping within the EU 10.-€, other countries please ask for specific shipping costs). If you have any questions or would like to order, please fill in our contact form and we will get in touch with you as quick as possible.

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Straighter Putter – No more panic on short putts

The Straighter Putter Oversize Putter Models weigh about twice as much as a regular putter.
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